Greater Technology Group can help you to secure your domain name through Domain Bank and to keep identity on the internet.

Domain names can be a maximum of 67 characters and are most commonly reserved for company names, personal names, brand names, and marketing campaigns. You can register names with an ending (or "top level domain") of .com, .net, .org, .info, .ws, .bz, and .museum.

Domain name registration costs are $19 per domain name for a period of two years, and $42 per domain name for a period of five years. Each domain suffix (.com, .net, .org) constitutes a different domain name. Therefore, if you register and for a period of two years, you would have to pay $19 times two, or $39. Please Contact Us to register your domain name with Go Daddy Software.

Use our friendly and efficient registration service whether you are registering a single domain name, or thousands of names each year. All of the registration revenue goes to Go Daddy Software, we don't keep any of it. So, if you would like to register the name yourself, then proceed to the Go Daddy site.

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