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Welcome to Greater Technology Group. A company dedicated to bringing the Internet home to you. The web has proven that it is, and will remain the "new technology".

This site is dedicated to not only bringing you our latest services and technology, but to also open the door to broaden the hopes and goals of our community.

Our hope is that you use this site to not only learn more about our purpose, but to start your day with a daily devotional, find out what your neighbors are doing this weekend, or find out what's on television tonight.

The services to the left are your daily guide. The services to your right help you to understand our goods and products.

As with any online venture, or adventure, we hope this site becomes as fulfilling for you as it always will be for us!

What website design is best for me?
We will help you sort through the styles, colors and form types. We will also help you decide how many web pages you need.

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What does it mean to host multiple web sites?
It's like being a bank for web pages instead of money, with each site a separate account.

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